Deli board

Wild Loaf sourdough, butter & oil   £3.5

Hummus with sourdough bread   £4

Duck & Cranberry Rillette with sourdough bread   £5

Black olive tapenade, marinated grilled courgettes & sourdough bread   £6

Nduja (Spicy, spreadable Italian sausage) with sourdough bread   £6

Chocolate brownies – please see today’s selection   £3.5

Cheese board £11

Choose 3 cheeses from the selection below. All served with cheese biscuits, chutney & cornichons.

Wookey Hole Mature Cheddar Somerset

Cornish BrieCornwall

Harrogate Blue – Yorkshire

Clara Goats CheeseWorcestershire

Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg Cornwall

Ribblesdale Smoked Goats CheeseYorkshire

Meat board £11

Choose 3 meats from below. All served with Wild Loaf sourdough, chutney & caperberries.

Bresaola – Air dried salted beef – Italy

Coppa – Pork cured in pepper, coriander,

 juniper & mace – Italy

Serrano Ham – Gran Reserva 18 Month – Spain

Lamb SalamiIslington

Prosciutto CrudoItaly

Wagyu Beef SalamiIslington

Mixed board £13

Choose 2 meats & 2 cheeses. All served with Wild Loaf sourdough, cheese biscuits, chutney & cornichons.

Side dishes

Gordal olives   £4

Salt & pepper cashew nuts £3.50

Pistachio nuts   £3

Smoked mixed nuts   £3

Marinated grilled courgettes   £3.50

Caperberries   £2

Cornichons   £2


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